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Q.I.T Chemicals BVBA is the global partner for the supply of sodium carbonate and exporters of soda ash & distributors for various companies worldwide.

We began exporting our products worldwide and have ever since been one of the largest exporters of soda ash in the Belgium.

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Our key products

We are one of Belgium’s largest distributors and exporters of soda ash and sodium bicarbonate. Our high-quality soda ash is used in the distribution of glass, detergents, and chemicals, as well as in several other industry applications. As leading exporters of soda ash in the Belgium, we offer a premium-grade product that is widely used in the manufacture of glass, detergents, and chemicals. Our many grades of sodium bicarbonate have applications ranging from hemodialysis and pharmaceuticals to food and animal feed, flue gas treatments, detergents, and personal care products.

Most demanded Chemicals:


Boric acid, also borasis acid, orthoboric acid or acidium borium; A white crystalline, water-soluble inorganic acid often used in antiseptics, pesticides, and deodorizers. It was first discovered by Wilhelm Homberg and emerged as a byproduct of sulfuric acid.

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This colorless salt is a glass ethochant and an intermediate in the once considered hydrofluoric acid pathway. It is ammonium bi fluoride or flaky crystal.

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Soda ash has a wide range of applications; it can be used in the production of Glass, Soap and detergent, Paper, Flue gas treatment, Water and waste treatment

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As exporters of acetic acid, we understand the importance of this versatile chemical compound in various industries. Acetic acid is produced through biological and synthetic methods, and its salt and ester are referred to as acetate. It is a weak acid that is completely soluble in water. The glacial form of acetic acid, known as CH3COOH, is highly pure with a concentration of 99.5%.

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Operational excellence and customer centricity have been Q.I.T Chemicals BVBA ‘score competencies past many years. Driving our manufacturing processes in a green and responsible manner has helped us achieve these core competencies.
The company has identified few focus areas: food and fuel, energy and
environment, and water and wellness.

  • Industrial waste treatment up to international standards
  • Exhaust fumes on time and carbon content as regulated
  • Do not allow radioactive leakage to the external environment

Integrity In Product

Innovation at Q.I.T Chemicals BVBA is focused on delivering value to the customer.
Though we began as a chemicals company, we have been able to integrate chemicals with other sciences. At present, we have four centres for innovation and advancement. The innovation thrust aims at developing products and services positioned at the intersection of physics and chemistry (nanotechnology) and biology and chemistry (biotechnology). Our focus areas are food and fuel, energy and environment, and water and wellness (FEW).

  • High quality products reach international standards
  • Sell products at market prices, Say no to high prices
  • A team of professional engineers, dedicated customer support

Health & Safety

The company deals with the challenges of chemical hazards and occupational safety and health. Our CSR, Safety and Sustainability (CSS) committee was formed to focus exclusively on these challenges. The Corporate SHE policy is an umbrella policy, and subsidiaries’ policies align with local regulatory and safety directorates. Voluntary standards, such as OHSAS 18001, British Safety Council guidelines and AICHE-CCPS guidelines, help ensure continual improvement in SHE performance

  • Absolutely safe working environment
  • Get regular health checkup & 100% labor insurance allowance
  • The diet of workers ensures hygiene and safety

Good Service

We pride ourselves on good customer service. To us, this means we strive to provide timely, attentive, upbeat service to a customer, by making sure their needs are met in a manner that reflects positively on our company and core business values. Our goal is to provide each customer with bespoke solutions to meet their chemical needs. Our convenient procedures are intended to increase ease in accessibility, save time, reduce effort and decrease the frustration of daily operations.

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