# 1 Chemical Suppliers from Belgium

Q.I.T chemicals bvba is Belgium’s leading supplier of chemical raw materials. The company supplies more than 200 products to more than 5000 customers located in Belgium and various countries. It continues its journey, which it started as a local company, as one of the international players of its region, which regularly exports to its customers in European, South American, North American, African  and Asian countries. Q.I.T chemicals bvba offers different alternatives and new ideas to its customers with its trouble-free service, not a problem maker, but a solution-oriented approach and experienced team.

With an extensive sales network throughout Europe, Q.I.T chemicals bvba offers a specialist 360° service, based on over 30 years of experience in the chemicals sector. Its aim: to offer its clients quality service and loyalty.

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“ During the time I have worked with SCG on this project, I have found Mike Campbell and his team to be highly knowledgeable and results-driven. Based on preliminary pilot testing and a strong understanding of subsurface. conditions, in particular fractured bedrock environments. ased on their work on this project. “

Derek Aucon / Defence Construction Canada

“ For over 10 years working with SCG Industries on environmental contaminated sites they have continuously demonstrated excellent technical ability while ensuring superior customer service. Their collaborative approach and real time flexibility in adapting to changing conditions has contributed to the success of many project goals. “

Joel Waigner / Anonymous

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