Our Values

Responsibility:  We are aware that every raw material we provide to our customers affects our customer’s productivity, trade volume and product quality.

Continuity:  We know very well that you need to be supported with standard quality, optimum cost and alternative products that our customers need in order to be successful in global markets.

Environmental Responsibility:  We want to leave a healthier world to future generations.

Customer Orientation:  Unless we can achieve customer satisfaction, we cannot maintain our own existence.

Being Fair:  We are based on an idea that considers our supplier personnel and customers as business partners, who think long-term rather than short-term. 

Our history

Cemal ÇEBİ laid the foundations of the company by supplying chemical raw materials to the metal plating industry in a 50 m2 office in Eminönü-Tahtakale.

1990-1995 The
firm started the construction of its own storage facilities, in addition to the storage facilities it used for rent, in Deinze. The company started the supply of acid chemicals with its 16 tanks.

1995-2000 With
acid chemicals, the company started to supply raw materials to the Textile, Heat Treatment, Glass, Ceramic, Surface Treatment, Galvano sectors. Due to the increased capacity and business volume, the company established its new storage and office facilities in Deinze Organized Industrial Zone. All employees gathered under one roof.

Due to globalization and increasing competition, Q.I.T chemicals bvba increased its participation in international fairs to diversify its business partners. The company started to supply materials not only to the domestic market, but also to foreign and export markets, especially to neighboring and former Soviet countries. The company, which broke new ground in the sector, took the ISO 9001:2008 certificate and took its quality standards to the next level.

Q.I.T chemicals bvba diversified its sales team and product range; It started to supply products to the Food, Agriculture, Cosmetics, Detergent, Plastic and Packaging sectors.

Asian and European countries have been added to their export markets. Company; In 2008, 2009 and 2010, it entered the list of taxpayers who paid the most in its region,

continued to contribute to the country’s economy.

2015 … ..
Q.I.T chemicals bvba, besides increasing the number of sectors it supplies materials, by offering products of alternative origin;

has continued its tradition of creating innovative solutions for its customers in developing markets.


Our Goal; to be your trusted supplier when you need it…